Untreated Hypertension Could Be Silent Killer For Those With Kidney Issues

Scientists are warning about the dangers of hypertension in relation to chronic kidney disease (CKD).

For years, much of the information put out by experts has put hypertension and diabetes on the same level. Hypertension is not considered the primary killer of those with CKD and the focus is usually on other issues. Certainly, while the condition is often present with others, there is little drive to identify the existence of hypertension in CKD patients early.

In reality, while the majority of CKD patients have diabetes, 85% to 90% have hypertension. Current data shows most CKD patients have a prior diagnosis of hypertension. But, only a small group of these people receive treatment and had blood pressure less than 130/80 Hg.

But, it is patients without CKD who get better hypertension treatment than patients with CKD. Experts say this may be due to limited access to health care. Experts call this the silent killer. They say cardiovascular disease, stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease are all areas of potential danger for patients with CKD. Keeping a watchful on eye on one’s blood pressure is strongly advised if you do suffer from kidney disease, as are strategies used to manage hypertension such as the DASH diet and getting moderate exercise when possible.

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