Uremic pruritus (UP), Kidney Disease, and Itching. Home Remedies You Can Try Today

Uremic pruritus (UP) is a condition where you experience chronic itching in your body. This chronic itching occurs in people with kidney disease during the later stages. Many factors can trigger this issue like an accumulation of uremic toxins and systemic inflammation.


During the old days, Robert had burning sensations to itch in the later stages of kidney disease. He scratched his legs so bad to the point where they were bleeding. This can be an obnoxious experience and at the time, there weren’t many therapies to control this situation.


Thankfully, with today’s technology and modern science, we’ve learned about multiple natural ways you can try out to handle this issue. The study Robert refers to in the video is coming from The Complementary Therapies & Medicine, January 2021. During their study, the researchers reviewed countless cases and announced 5 sturdy recommendations.


Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Topical Cream (cream of capsaicin) were the first three suggestions that were fairly effective in resolving uremic pruritus. Capsaicin is a chemical compound derived from hot chili peppers. You can easily find this topical cream at any pharmacy or a health store.


Zinc and Omega 3 were the two other recommendations. Mainly due to its positive impacts on skin health, zinc helped reduce the itching sensation to a significant level.  Omega 3s have always been the ‘star of the show’ with kidney issues as they help lower the itching and decelerates the progression of kidney disease. Also, with kidney disease, you’re bound to have reduced zinc levels so taking additional zinc can be very beneficial.


To make sure you dose them the right way, check out our other videos that talk more about it. 



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