A Variety of Kidney Disease Diet Recommendations | Low Protein, Plant-based, & Low Phos 


A Variety of Kidney Disease Diet Recommendations | Low Protein, Plant-based, & Low Phos 

Today’s video is about kidney disease diet recommendations, and a bunch of diet related things that can help kidney disease. I was going through stacks of research and just put together a bunch of diet things that can help.

The first piece of research from the Journal of Toxins, February, 2023. “Food derived uremic, toxins in chronic kidney disease,” and I’m going to go to the conclusion, align with current nutritional guidelines for CKD. A low protein diet would increase fiber consumption and limited process foods seems to be effective treatment against uremic toxin accumulation.

So uremic toxins are kidney toxins. They come from food and the metabolism of your food. So it is best to keep it low, they come from protein. So if you keep a low protein diet and just free of junk food

Another conclusion found that consumption of higher proportions of plant proteins was not associated with higher potassium or phosphate levels, but was associated with more fiber and better diet quality. So the great thing now is that things are changing so much when it comes to potassium and phosphorus that we know now that plant proteins, you don’t absorb the phosphorus as well.

Generally don’t gotta worry too much about the potassium, so don’t worry about those if you are. From the Journal of Nutrients, February, 2023. Plant Dominant Low Protein Diet, a potential alternative dietary practice for patients with chronic kidney disease. Furthermore, plant-based diets increased magnesium intake, which prevent vascular calcifications.

Plant proteins are less likely to induce Glomerular hyperfiltration than animal proteins, they talk about metabolic acidosis. So if you’re gonna do a low protein diet, you can do an animal based low protein diet where you still have some animal proteins, but having the plant proteins is better. If you still want to have some animal protein in your diet, you can do half, let’s say half chicken or whatever other animal protein, half fish, and then half beans or another plant protein.

Lastly  this is from the American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week. 2023 They gave people low potassium diets for hyper potassium in their blood, hyperkalemia, and didn’t really make a difference. They found other factors were more important such as your age, medications, and bicarbonate level.