Vegetable Protein Is The Way To Go When It Comes To Kidney Diet According To Study

Researchers are reporting chronic kidney disease patients can live longer with the help of vegetable protein. Kidneys filter the blood, removing wastes and toxins, allowing them to be expelled through urine.

Chronic kidney disease is a condition where one or both kidneys fail entirely or partially. There is no cure for the condition, except for organ transplant. Researchers looked at 1,100 patients with chronic kidney disease who were part of a major US
study. While taking into account smoking and weight, they found for every 10 grams of daily vegatable protein, the patient was 14% less likely to die.

Researchers say the vegetable proteins reduce the production of hematological toxins much more effectively than animal proteins do. They recommend several sources of vegetable protein including beans, nuts, and whole grains. For more tips on what some of the best vegetables and fruits are for your kidney health, be sure to watch our YouTube, updated daily.