Very Low Protein Diet (VLPD) With Ketoanalogues / Essential Amino Acids To Improve Kidney Function

Looking at a study performed by the Journal of Renal Nutrition in May 2020, we are reviewing a meta-analysis done by taking 17 studies into account and they observed them all together. What they were looking at was a very low protein diet supplemented with ketoanalogues of essential amino acids.

A very low protein diet (VLPD) would have around 20 g to 35 g of protein a day. This is a low amount of protein but by consuming less protein, you’re taking off much of the stress on the kidneys. Nonetheless, with a very low protein diet, one could end up being protein deficient. 

One effective way to overcome that issue is by taking essential amino acids or even better, ketoanalogues of essential amino acids (they have less nitrogen and metabolic waste). Ketoanalogues aren’t a new invention. They’ve been used among many countries across the globe. Because it’s not a very easy diet to follow, the low protein diet is not a popular diet here in the States. Some may even feel discouraged to follow this diet due to the protein restrictions. 

The great thing about taking ketoanalogues with a very low protein diet, however, is that it results in amazing positive outcomes. With enough research backing up this study, a very low protein diet supplemented with ketoanalogues does a far better job than most other diets for your best kidney health. 

At the end of the meta-analysis, what researchers found was that people now had less proteinuria, they had a slowing in their GFR, bone mineral disorder markers looked greater, the parathyroid hormone was in a better range, they also found a superior nutritional status, and also observed better blood pressure levels. 

These are some of the great reasons you can try out this diet. If you start to follow this diet, make sure to use the ketoanalogues of essential amino acids. As of now, in the U.S. there are only two companies doing keto analogues and we’ve got one on our website. You’d go to the shop page, under that you’ll click on the PURE KIDNEY product which is our essential amino acids. Under that, you can read more about ketoanalogues made by another company that we’ve recommended. 

Although we’d love for you to buy our product PURE KIDNEY, it’s just not as good as a ketoanalogue product and here, we’re always trying to give you what’s best for you. 

If you end up following this diet, take a look at our website and take advantage of the ketoanalogues listed there. Robert even says that it’s one of the best ketoanalogue products on the planet. 

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