Vitamin A and Children’s Kidney Disease | Test Your Child For High Levels

Vitamin A and Children’s Kidney Disease | Test Your Child for High Levels

This video we talk about vitamin a and children’s kidney disease.

Today’s research comes from the journal of renal nutrition may 2022 and it’s hypervitaminosis a so that’s high levels of vitamin a which can be toxic in pediatric patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. This is going to be in the later stages, so the stages of 3b 4 and kidney failure. Oftentimes, the parathyroid hormone is going to be out of balance so I’m assuming that you’re having all this checked from a nephrologist. If you’re not then you should see one or get a different one.

Something that they mentioned that in advanced stages vitamin a can go high. So part of routine screening that you should check for vitamin a because if vitamin a is toxic, it can lead to additional bone issues. Now what they recommend is monitoring vitamin a levels as part of routine nutritional assessments and dietary interventions to prevent hypervitaminosis a and to improve bone health okay and late ckd.

The takeaway from this and what you should do is the next time you go to your doctor, ask to check vitamin a for your child because you want to know where it is. If it’s high then you need to avoid it in supplements, you may want to minimize foods that are high in vitamin a, but it’s something you should know. Now you might get some pushback about not wanting them to do it if so you can pull this a copy of this article offline.