Vitamin D3 and Kidney Disease | What is the Ideal Range?

This is the longer version of a video short I did about the ideal amount what your number, your vitamin D3 number should be on your blood work if you have kidney disease. That’s what we’re talking about in this video. I

Now talking about vitamin D3, that very important nutrient, that fat soluble vitamin, that pro hormone, that 80% of people in kidneys are deficient and it provides tremendous benefit. When you supplement with it, you get yourself out of deficiency range. Now we know in the general population that a higher amount outside the deficiency range is more beneficial for people.

So that cutoff for deficiency being 30. If you’re below 30, you’re deficient and you definitely want to take vitamin D3 to get yourself above that 30. Now we know more than ever that with kidney disease, if you can get that vitamin D3 level higher, you even get more benefit. You don’t wanna push it into the eighties, nineties, towards the top ranges because we don’t know yet if that’s really helpful for kidney disease.

What I can confidently say that you want to get your vitamin D to at least 50, you can bring it even up to 60, 65. So I’m saying that 50 to 65 is a really good area for most people. Here’s another study that came out showing that. So this came out in October, 2022. Higher vitamin D levels correlate with lower PTH and CKD population, lower parathyroid hormone and chronic kidney disease.

On the blood test is where they really saw benefit and they wrap into another study where they saw 58. They reference on the blood test as being labeled to lower the PTH into a normal range or get close to normal range. So with this research with so much more that’s been out there in the last couple years on kidney disease, you want to get your D three level higher.

Don’t settle for 32, 33, 35, which I see a lot of and people think they’re fine. Getting it a little higher is much better. You might have to take a little bit more vitamin D3. You can take upwards of 5,000 IUs. I really like it with k2 that’s preferred, but get higher levels.