Walking and Kidney Disease | How Walking Can Boost Kidney and Overall Health

Walking and Kidney Disease | How Walking Can Boost Kidney and Overall Health

Walking daily correlates with a high quality of life with people with chronic kidney disease. That’s what this video is about, it’s about walking and kidney disease.

This comes from the Journal of Renal Nutrition: February, 2022. We’re talking about walking; good old-fashioned walking. What they did in this study was they took a lot of people and had them walk and get a certain amount of steps every day. I’m going to tell you what that step count is if you’re looking to strive for a certain amount and getting that step count per day correlated with a lot of good benefits.

A lot of these benefits help with the kidney. They had a more stable blood pressure. People who walked daily got that certain amount of steps had a better blood pressure. They had better blood sugar and they had the better quality of life. They had a better cholesterol level. They had better cardio pulmonary function so heart and lung function was better. There are so many benefits from just walking.

Now that was this study. Other studies showed that inflammation markers are less when people do some walking and more exercise. Mood is better, depression can be improved or uplifted anxiety is less so you just get so many good benefits by walking. Now the amount that they did in this study and that they recommend for anybody with chronic kidney disease is look to get between seven thousand and twelve thousand steps a day. Seven thousand being the least and if you get as high as twelve thousand or more that’s even better. You can track this by using a pedometer that will track your steps so you can know daily what you’re doing.

If you don’t have an active job you’re probably going to have to do and make it a point to walk to get all those steps in. People with active jobs depending what it is can get those steps in. A lot of times i see people are already getting them and that’s great. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t have an active job (I have a sedentary job I sit at a desk a lot.) For me, I have to plan time and get out there and get those steps in because it’s going to help your kidney health overall.

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