Water And Kidney Disease | How Lead Levels In Water Affect Kidney Function


Lead and heavy metals found in drinking water can adversely affect your kidneys. Lead can enter drinking water when plumbing materials that contain lead corrode, especially where the water has high acidity or low mineral content that corrodes pipes and fixtures. Heavy metals that are toxic can lead to acute toxicity possibly causing kidney damage.


In today’s video, we’re going to learn about lead and drinking water and kidney disease, and even lead levels that are under the environmental protection agency standard. Set standards for what’s the acceptable amount of lead to have in your water so even lead that’s under those limits has shown to be bad for kidney disease so we’re going to talk about that. In this study that came out, if you’re new to our channel this is healthy kidney inc our website is healthykidneyinc.com so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t where we just give lots of great information about things that you can do in your control to help support kidney health.


The journal of the American Society of nephrology published July 15th, 2021 regarding the association of lead concentrations in drinking water with hemoglobin concentrations and erythropoietin stimulating use among patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. That’s the title if you want to look it up basically what this study said it’s published in a very prestigious journal in the field of nephrology they looked at lead levels and people with like stage four kidney disease people that are getting close to starting dialysis and they found that any amount of lead even levels that are considered acceptable, it lowered people’s hemoglobin and made them use more EPO Heathrow point stimulating agents to try to correct the anemia so that’s bad.


Even if your drinking water has just even the small amounts of lead in there it’s going to cause a problem if you have kidney health as this area of heavy metal toxins isn’t really addressed in the field of kidney disease much they do see some things that pop on a biopsy but really nobody is doing any heavy metal testing. I always recommend that anybody with kidney disease get some heavy metal testing, you can do it through blood you can do it through hair the environmental protection agency does it through the hair so they recommend that way and you can find a lot of labs online that you can do that just put in a hair mineral analysis and you can see you can get your water tested to see if there’s any lead in it any detectable levels they sell test kits at hardware stores online you can get them and you just get a little sample of your water to send it in this in your report back so a couple of different ways to go about it if you’re looking at just doing everything you can for your kidney health.


If you are drinking tap water and you don’t know what it is you still want it to be clean if you do know there’s some lead in there you’re going to want to use a filter now I’m going to recommend the Brita or Pur filters which are the popular filters that you see at hardware stores, the ones that you put on your sink they also come in the picture that you fill the top and it filters the water out and those take out most of the lead so with that you’re going to get most of your let out so you won’t have to worry so much. You can always get tested you can always test your body’s heavy metal level which I do recommend at least once and you can also test the water but you always want to drink clean water so go back to one of those activated carbon filters carbon-based filters the Brita or Pur the most popular there’s a lot of them out there but you don’t want to get any extra leg because it’s just bad and any heavy metals are bad okay they’re bad for you so if you do have some of those. Also, check out our video number two about how to detox how to get rid of those heavy metals if you may have them in your system or you want to do a safe detox just to get rid of things like heavy metals we’re gonna go over that in video number two but for now just know that lead is really important to watch that lead and any other heavy metals. Thanks for watching everybody and for your best kidney health, bye.


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