When Should You Take Kidney Supplements?

When Should You Take Kidney Supplements?

This video I’m answering a question when should you take your supplements? When is the best time to take your kidney supplements?

We love supplements at healthy kidney inc, and we really love science-based supplements that show so much benefits and so much support for kidney health. In general, you should take your supplements with food, in the middle of a meal or right after because many supplements need food to be absorbed properly and some vitamins need fat that you find in food to be absorbed. There’s fat soluble vitamins vitamin a, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin k, and those need some fat to be absorbed. That’s why you’ll see in a lot of places to take supplements with food or after food.

We always say right after meals. For other supplements, you need a little bit of fat and other nutrients to help it absorb so when you eat it with the meal you’re going to get a lot of different nutrients that can be beneficial. Also, when you take your supplements with a meal or with food it’s going to help reduce any risk of getting a stomach upset. In a smaller amount of people they will get some stomach upset when they take supplements especially b vitamins. This can be due to just not used to taking a lot of pills. Some people have a little bit of irritation in their stomach maybe a really mild gastritis or acid reflux. If you have any of those issues you could get more stomach irritation when you take your supplements so you should take them after food.

You can break them up more throughout the day if you have one of those issues or you also can start slower. You start with one supplement, make sure you’re okay, then maybe another one or a second pill and you can add on from there. Now there are some supplements that they recommend taking without food like probiotics. That can be okay and if that’s in your schedule and you can permit that meaning you’re okay with taking a lot of different pills throughout the day including any medications you might be on then you can do that.

Generally, when I recommend anything I recommend just taking everything together two two times a day or maybe three times a day today depending on what you’re taking. If something says three pills a day, it’s better to do one pill three times a day but a lot of people find it hard to stay on that schedule. I’d recommend maybe one pill in the morning two at night if it’s a supplement, so that makes it a lot easier.

Now with something like probiotics just getting back to they come with so many billions some of them are entirely delayed release so if you get a high enough billion count at least 25 billion or more you can take them with a meal and if there’s so many billions in there some of them will get killed off by stomach acid but you’re still going to get billions and billions of those good probiotics. When i’ve worked with a nephrologist and when I work with people to support kidney health and I look at their lab work it makes a big difference to see the support in their blood work.

So that’s how you generally want to take supplements. With medications, it’s generally better to avoid medications with supplements. Be careful of any interactions or taking too many pills. As far as absorption, possibly if you take a medication with certain supplements, high-dose fiber you might decrease the absorption of the medication. Try to break them up at least 20 minutes to a half hour apart so maybe you take your medications before a meal.

If you’re taking it with food and then maybe at the end of the meal you take your supplements it’s better to do a couple hours in between. The problem is most people start forgetting and it’s too much of an inconvenience to take pills all day long at all different times. It doesn’t work with their lifestyle. So generally, you can take the medications before a meal and take the supplements after. If you can wait till later that’s even better.