CKD & Constipation Correction! Why Does CKD Cause Constipation & How To Repair Your Gut?

Constipation is a common disorder among individuals dealing with CKD. This video is going to provide a better insight into how to help your gut and how to help improve that condition and get rid of constipation with CKD.  

Constipation can get annoying over time and can put tremendous stress on the kidneys. Many things can be done to maintain regular bowel movement and more people tend to get constipation in the later stages of kidney disease. The reason is that your kidneys can’t filter all the toxins so these toxins can’t be completely filtered and result in more toxin build-up in the body.

Once you start building up all these toxins that your kidney can’t filter out, it all gets deposited in your gut and it throws off the whole environment. Your peristalsis is thrown off and it’s really slow now so you get constipated. There is no perfect balance around good bacteria and all the toxins circulating around can cause all these issues.

Your microbiome is completely off when all these things start taking place. The microbiome is the scientific term for your gut.

Before Robert was trained as a nutritionist and natural health professional, he tried almost everything by taking laxatives and all different things. Robert suggests people dealing with kidney disease who struggle with constipation should focus on these three things first: probiotics, fiber, and water.

What these three things do is they help with improving and correct the whole balance and help to support better gut health. We have a product formulated specifically for kidney sufferers called Kidney Restore to get the right probiotics and contains the recommended dosage.

If you buy anything over the counter, you want it to be at least 25 billion or 50 billion or more per day. Probiotics are good bacteria so the more you have, the better it is. At least that 25 billion per pill. We have many other videos about probiotics which are all based on science-based journals on how to support good kidney health.

Next, you want to make sure you have adequate fiber. It may help to take a fiber supplement can help in many ways. Soluble fiber supplements are recommended for kidney issues and you can start with 6 grams and work your way up to 20 or 30 grams because the more fiber, the better it is because it creates more short-chained fatty acids and also helps those probiotics grow. It also helps to sweep out all the toxins.

Another major step you can take is by drinking a lot of water. Unless you’re restricted to your fluid intake, it is crucial to follow those guidelines and make sure you have enough water in your body to make that fiber work effectively. The bottom line is: you would need adequate water in your body to work with the fiber. It’s all going to vary depending on your body weight and your size.

For general guidelines, eight 8oz glasses per day of water are good for most people. If you’re a bigger person or you’re more athletic, you can have much more water.

If you’re looking to improve constipation, you can start with probiotics. We have a specially formulated probiotic product called Kidney Restore. You’re going to want to stick to the guidelines mentioned above and make sure you get enough fiber. The third thing is having adequate water.

If you’re going to take probiotics, make sure you have that recommended dosage per day. With fiber, you want to make sure you’re getting soluble fiber supplements and you can gradually work your way up to 20 grams of fiber per day.

The third thing is drinking adequate water as constipation is often caused by dehydration. These measures are going to combat the underlying issues and can help your entire body health and your cholesterol levels. Starting these steps can really help fix constipation and can support normal kidney function by taking those essential probiotics.

We have many more videos that go in-depth with your kidney issues and many more ways to figure out solutions to deal with those kidney issues.

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